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Mawson Green offers a variety of block sizes so you can choose the one that suits your budget and lifestyle. Land ranges from an impressive 800m2 to 1,800m2.

You can choose a low-maintenance, country home and enjoy peace and quiet living at Meadows. Or if you have a growing family, there are larger blocks offering space for the classic Australian country backyard.

View the land for sale below to find the perfect fit for you and your family.

Lot 9 Macquarie Parade


Frontage 22.21m
Land Area 809m2

Lot 87 Aurora Circuit


Frontage 23.05m
Land Area 794m2

Lot 115 Mertz Place


Frontage 20.22m
Land Area 800m2

Lot 116 Mertz Place


Frontage 21.03m
Land Area 800m2

Lot 117 Mertz Place


Frontage 20m
Land Area 800m2

Lot 118 Mertz Place


Frontage 18.43m
Land Area 850m2

Lot 119 Mertz Place


Frontage 15.2m
Land Area 850m2

Lot 120 Mertz Place


Frontage 15m
Land Area 845m2

Lot 121 Mertz Place


Frontage 14.57m
Land Area 942m2

Lot 122 Mertz Place


Frontage 18.87m
Land Area 888m2

Lot 123 Mertz Place


Frontage 20.06m
Land Area 813m2

Lot 124 Mertz Place


Frontage 19.89m
Land Area 800m2

Lot 207 Macquarie Parade


Frontage 12m
Land Area 834m2

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